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  • Where do Salt of the Earth products come from?
    All of the Salt of the Earth products are made with trace mineral complex that comes from the Great Salt Lake. All of our salt (salt glow, mineral salt, etc) also comes from the great salt lake.
  • Are your products considered natural, organic or vegan?"
    All of our products are made with natural ingredients, we do have organic options as well (salt glow and sugar glow) and our products are vegan.
  • What sets you apart?
    Our trace mineral complex that is added to each of the Salt of the earth products. The best way to absorb minerals is through your skin. We also focus on creating an amazing experience for every guest by custom and hand blending products
  • Are all of your scents essential oils? What is the % of your essential oils?
    We offer 3 types of scents, essential oils, natural oils and cosmetic grade fragrance. We have about 13 different essential oils and essential oil blends. All of our essential oils are 100% pure essential oil. On top of our essential oils we have about 50 other scents/ fragrances.
  • Can the mineral mud be used on the face?
    Yes, unscented, our mineral mud is made with kaolin clay and bentonite clay which are very cleansing and detoxifying. If you are prone to sensitivities be cautious.
  • What is the shelf life of your product?
    1 year if held in room temperature, out of the sun and in an airtight container. Our scrubs with grapeseed oil should be used within a few months since we do not use preservatives.
  • Break down of the scents you carry?
    Cabernet & Neroli: Hint of grape, deeper fruit and Neroli Cabana Boy: Pineapple, Melon, Coconut, Banana, Jasmine, Tonka,Vanilla Geranium Mint (Essential Oil): Mint, Rosemary, Geranium Stress Less (Essential Oil Blend): Lavender, Lemongrass, Orange, Grapefruit, Nutmeg White Ginger: White floral, White Ginger, Musk, Jasmin
  • Can you use Creamy Scrub on your face?
    Salt of the Earth is focused on body care. The only product that we recommend using on your face is our unscented Mineral Mud.
  • Do any of your products have contraindication?
    You should always ask your client about any sensitivities or allergies they may have. The only product that we say to be sensitive with is our 72 Thermal Powder. If your client has heat sensitivities you may not want to use this booster in their treatment, it could cause some discomfort or a rash.
  • Where do you get your fragrance oils from?
    We want the best of the best, so we have about 5 different companies that we purchase our fragrances and oils through. We source with companies that have credentialed processes of extracting and harvesting essential oils, and manufacturing fragrance oils.
  • Can I create a custom scent for my spa?
    Yes, we have two different options. First, you can choose to rename and existing scent we already carry to a name that corresponds with your spa for a one-time fee of $25. The second option is to create your own scent, prices vary.
  • Are there minimum order requirements?
    No minimums!
  • What is in the Trace Mineral Complex?
    It is most abundant in Magnesium. The magnesium is what provides that heating aspect in our Thermal Powder. Iron, Zinc, and Sulfur are also very prominent in the complex.
  • Are Salt of the Earth ingredients safe?
    Yes, they are safe. All ingredients used by Salt of the Earth are considered safe and approved by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel. More information regarding this can be found at
  • How do I save on shipping costs?
    If you can, try to order more products- less frequently. The larger the shipment, the more money you will save per pound on shipping. If your order exceeds 200 lbs, we will contact freight companies and provide quotes for shipping on a pallet instead of UPS. Shipping on a pallet can save a significant amount on shipping costs.
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