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Blend Box Tutorial
Salt of the Earth

Blend Box Tutorial

The Art of Custom Spa Treatments

The Blend Box brings customization to the treatment level. Spas can mix up scrubs, creams, and lotions in their clients' favorite scents, each with a shot of thermal powder, hyaluronic acid, or anti-aging serum and a full size jar to take home. This revolutionary system pre-portions treatments that are as easy to clean up as they are to mix up!

A Complete Scent Journey

With the Blend Box, spa clients are in complete control of their scent experience, making treatments that much more relaxing. A magnetic scent dowel is pulled out to reveal 4 aromatherapy or seasonal oils for clients to choose from for use in their customized treatments.

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Portion Control

Each Blend Box ingredient comes in individual, pre-portioned pouches to provide the exact amount you need each and every time. Say goodbye to product overuse, eliminate cross contamination, and control costs all at once, not to mention the fact that the Blend Box's pouches use 30% less plastic than traditional jugs.

A Take-Home Experience

At the end of the spa treatment, clients get to take the product they've now fallen in love with them home. A jar of unscented product can be outfitted with a mixing collar to add the scent of choice. Clients can then mix up their own customized jar to continue the experience at home

True Recycling 

At Salt of the Earth, we believe in doing everything we can to help our Earth stay clean, and that's why we're determined to never see one of our jars in a landfill-or a recycling plant for that matter. Our jars are built to last through use after use, and we ask our clients and customers to do their part by refilling their jars with their favorite Salt of the Earth products instead of throwing them away when the product runs out.


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