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Our Story

It all started in a garage in Utah-seriously. For years, this was the headquarters of Salt of the Earth. From its humble beginnings in 1998, the company has been founded on one thing: salt. From the sweat and tears that have gone into creating it, to the salt hand-harvested from evaporation pools around the Great Salt Lake, it always comes back to salt and the years of work and dedication its taken to turn a small local business into what it is today.

​Every Salt of the Earth product is individualized to create the most rewarding experience possible for each client, whether in the spa or the comfort of their own home. From quick and easy blending of fresh ingredients to customized scents and unparalleled handcrafted quality, Salt of the Earth allows clients to escape into a soothing, aromatic experience each and every time.

What started with a single grain of salt has expanded into a world wide business. The ground-breaking Blend Bar and Blend Box designs, paired with the all-natural, handcrafted quality of Salt of the Earth products, are revolutionizing the spa industry. More and more spas are recognizing the power of natural ingredients and beautiful design.

Nail Alliance - North America, Inc. PETA Certification

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