Keeping it Fresh


Fresh is BetterHere at Salt of the Earth we carry over 50 different essential scents in all of our products along with an array of color selections. Seasons change, and so do the tastes of consumers - this is why we hand blend each product on the day it is ordered. This doesn't make much sense to other manufacturers because it takes so much more time and money to make products one at a time. Nonetheless, we do this for the betterment of your spa to get you what you want, how you want it.

Make Your Spa Buzzworthy

Keepin' it fresh in your spa or salon is a difficult task at times and its importance is super underrated. Many of our good friends (which just happen to operate very successful spas) are especially good at this. The smartest pros know that creating a fresh atmosphere in their retail areas and treatment offerings keeps their clients smiling and coming back for more. Salt of the Earth has young, fresh minds to help you and your spa create a buzzworthy atmosphere essential for success in an ever-growing sea of spa competition.